Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boylan Does The Deep Denial Press Conference | Bucks Fans Are Smarter Than That

Bucks head coach Jim Boylan isn't worried about taking a fairly lousy team into this year's playoffs. Deflecting questions at a recent press-conference regarding his team's many pit-falls going into the postseason, the first-year coach remained confident that Milwaukee would be a contender for a title. Highlighting the return of Brandon Jennings on Monday, and the continuing recovery of Larry Sander's back injury, Boylan said that the team will be stronger than ever come the first seven game series. For right now, the coach concluded, the focus would be on providing starters with a balance of ample rest but enough playing time to keep a rhythm through the remainder of the regular season.

Provided that comfort only by a lock in the eighth Eastern Conference playoff spot, the Bucks will need to change the beat of their drum before playing the Heat. Entering a Monday game against the Nuggets in the midst of a four-game slump, and just three wins in the last fourteen games, the Bucks will be the statistically worst team to make the postseason since 2000. Add to that a pair of losses to the struggling Bobcats and Magic last week, as well as a trouncing in Miami, and the Bucks don't look like a team whose season will move much past four games.
Confronted with the statistical facts, Boylan remained defiant. Ignoring naysayers is part of his job now said the coach, as is remaining encouraged. And, regardless of the outcome of that first-series, he is simply grateful and excited to take the Bucks to their first playoff berth in three years.

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